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Monday, March 26, 2012

My Daughter Joins the Navy

Today my daughter joins the Navy.

Alex, Yvonne and Zach - 2001
She's going to spend the next 8 weeks at Great Lakes, then a month in Pensicola learning Aviation Ordinance.

I'm beyond proud. I didn't ask her to join. I didn't push her. She chose the Navy, took all the tests, and signed up. Today she packed a small bag, left everyone including her boyfriend behind, and left with the recruiter. Tomorrow she'll be on a plane to Great Lakes.

A little about my daughter. Alex(andra) is 20.She'll be 21 April 2nd. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. She has her father's attitude. She likes to be the best and has little patience for incompetence.  She has an associates degree, which means she'll be paid E3 pay, instead of E1 pay, which is about 400 bucks a month difference.She'll also have free healthcare. Something she realized is a big deal. Yeah, she has a terrific head on her shoulders.

2002 at Von and My Wedding
Everything is great, but I'm scared. This is the first time since she was born that she won't be able to call me on the phone when she's sad or in trouble. I'm used to hearing her slightly-southern-accented voice on the phone saying, "Daddeee." It's my on button. But she will be incommunicado for awhile.If Navy basic is anything like Army basic, she's going to go through a physical and emotional shredder and I'm nervous as hell for her.

But then I realize that I've done what I can. I raised her to be a strong independent woman. When she wanted to live at home, I made her get a place of her own and she's better for it.She knows responsibility and is able to take care of herself. I taught her by example what is right and wrong. I never asked her to do anything I wasn't doing or wasn't willing to do and she respects me for it.More importantly, she learned those things such as commitment, hard work, integrity and demonstrates them every day.

I shouldn't worry. 
Supersoaker Green Prom Dress!  

I know everything will be alright.

But I just can't help it.

The rest of the story is in pictures...

Alex reading a card where we tell her how proud we are of her

Yvonne and Alex Talking about what a terrific girl she is

No caption needed

It might be blurry because of me

Everyone putting on a good face

The Navy Takes Hold

Last Day as a Civilian for Her

So Bright Eyed and Hopeful

A Few Last Words with Dad

There she goes... on her own path.

Good Luck Honey!!!

I am so proud of you!!!

Go out and show them how great you are!!!

...and call me!


  1. Alex is a wonderful young lady! I enjoyed working with her and will miss her. She is such a good person. We also enjoyed having her camp out in the toy room for a few weeks. The kids will miss her teasing them. She is going to do great things! So proud of her.

  2. Congrats! She picked the right service!

    Seriously, happy for you and wish her the best of luck. Bravo Zulu to the daddy and Fair winds and following seas to Alex. She'll do great!

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