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Sunday, November 25, 2012

42 Days of 666 - Day 3 with Brian Keene


For the next 42 days we're going to be counting down to the release of SEAL Team 666. Why 42? Because it's the answer to the universal question.

With three more days until the release of SEAL Team 666, we have the honor of having my oldest writing friend, Brian Keene, stopping by. I've known Brian since before I sold my first story. We've been friends since. I've come to count on his advice, and have stood beside him whenever the universe has decided it was time to mess with him. I've enjoyed watching his success and admire what he has done both for and to the genre. And the best of all, I can unequivocally state that although I don't see Brian but once every two years or so, that if the world were to end today, we'd be on each others survival squad.

1. What’s your favorite military movie, book or television show?

I have many favorites, from Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan to Red Dawn and Force Ten From Navarrone. But my all-time favorite is certainly Platoon.

2. Why is it your favorite? Here’s where you can ramble a bit.

Because more so than any other, it captures the absolute pathos that can and will grip a band of brothers, be it during war time or peace time. Yes, brotherhood and honor and bravery exist in the military, but so do deception and hatred and betrayal and fear. You can't put people from such diverse cultures and backgrounds together and expect otherwise. That's they very reason wars are fought -- because people can't get along. Why would we expect anything different, then, of those we send to fight those wars? It's one thing to serve in a foxhole next to a guy. It's another thing to serve in a foxhole next to a guy who might stab you in the back later, just to save himself.

3. What themes are overused? And is it overused, or just truthful observation?
Circa 2002 with Brian before he found greatness, Roy Robbins
before he found God, and me before I found out that I am awesome.

War is hell. Not overused, but a truthful observation that I think everyone knows by now. Shame we forget it in real life...

+   +   +

Thanks, Brian!

To keep up with Brian's domination of the horror fiction and film universe, see him daily at www.briankeene.com.

Check out this trailer for Dark Hollow, the next movie to be released based on Brian's books.

And everyone please don't forget to Pre-order SEAL Team 666 from your favorite store:

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