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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weston On A Stick - Walking Dead Style

It all started at Phoenix Comiccon three years ago.

My wife Yvonne with the First WOAS
I was supposed to be there. In fact, I'd been asked to judge the Zombie Beauty pageant with none other than Elvira. I was so looking forward to the event. I was going to be awesome. Me and Elvira were going to hit it off and laugh at the zombies dressed up in pretty clothes, us sitting like silly kids in a church pew.

Ahhh, those should have been the days.

Except the military jumped in and said they needed me in Romania.

The President his own bad self called me up and said, "Wes, we need you."

"But sir. Elvira and I am supposed to hang out together."
A Zombie Taking a Bite out of WOAS

"Son," he began with a sufficient amount of gravitas in his voice for me to understand the global inplications, "Your country needs you. Not Elvira."

So I packed off and went to Romania.

And as I was in Romania, my wife was at Comiccon. She made sure I was there too, because she invented Weston on a Stick!

But I also made sure I had Elvira with me. I took her to Romania -- on a stick!

Wil Wheaton with YOAS and WOAS
Last year I made Phoeinx Comiccon and had a terrific time. Just one of the best times I've had in years. So I was a little upset this year when the President once again called me and said, "Wes, your country needs you to be in Afganistan."


Another year without being at Phoenix Comiccon, without spending time with my peeps, without hanging out with the uber-cool Wil Wheaton, and without seeing all the cool costumes.

Merle Giving You the Double Salute while he protects us.
And then I awoke this Memorial Day morning to find that uber-fan and friend Wendy Trakes arranged for Weston and Yvonne on a Stick at this years Pheonix Comiccon.

Bunches of my friends had their picture taken with me, which was just too awesome.

Then I saw the one with Wil Wheaton. I'm a huge W2 Fan! I like the guy. He's terrific.

And then I saw the one with Merle from The Walking Dead  -- AKA Michael Rooker -- AKA Henry the Serial Killer.


And a double finger salute too!
Elvira in Romania -- On a Stick

It's nice to know that when my country calls me, my stunt self is on a stick and gets to spend quality time with quality people.

Now that's cool.

And for those of you missing us like good friends Eunice and Greg Magill, we're going to begin marketing Weston and Yvonne on a Stick so that you too can have us in your house, or on vacation with you, or at your child's graduation.

Think of it!

All it takes $19.95 and you too can get a picture, a piece of cardboard and a paint stirrer so that you can experience the wonders of having not really famous people on a stick!

*     *     *

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  1. Paint stirrer? I didn't think of that. I used giant emery boards from the dollar store

  2. But with yours, if you get a hang nail you can fix it right away. You created a multitool!