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Thursday, January 23, 2014

OMG - Too Many Vegetables?

What do you do when you get too many vegetables besides panic?

This weekend Yvonne and I went to Market on the Move. It's a program that brings fruits and vegetables to communities at very cheap prices. We paid $10 for 60 pounds worth of vegetables and fruit. Something like 15 grapefruit, 8 eggplants, 8 Roma tomatoes, 7 red peppers, 24 yellow squash 12 Mexican gray squash, 6 huge zucchinis and a 7 pound bag of cherry tomatoes.


But with these vegetables came great responsibility. I was concerned that there might be too many...that some of it would perish before we got to it. I was actually a little panicked.

So, the first thing I did was bake a lasagna with wide zucchini noodles and eggplant. I also used lean turkey and low fat ricotta cheese. Making the wide noodles was hard because I'd never made any before. I baked it. We snuck a taste--OMG it was good--then we portioned it out into 8 portions for 4 meals. One went into the fridge and the rest our freezer.

Then for lunch I made eggplant sandwiches. Using pieces of grilled eggplant for bread, I smeared them with jalapeno hummus then added two slices of tomato, pieces of red pepper, and cucumber slices. A little messy, but amazing.

Since then, we've had lots of veggies at every meal. We've even had all veg meals. The only meats we've had this week were fish and the lean ground turkey for the lasagna. We haven't had a single packaged product and no pasta or breads. I've made two pans of roasted vegetables. One we've eaten and the other I portioned and put in the freezer.

We still have a lot left, but I think we're doing good.

One thing I did discover was that there are these things called zucchini noodles. What the what you say? Absolutely. Against All Grain Dot Com had this video I'm sharing below. You are going to be amazed how easy it looks. I ordered my slicer from Amazon and it came last night. I'm making noodles to night -LIVE WITHOUT A NET - and I'll give you the full report tomorrow.

I do love veggies, but sometimes it's hard to figure out ways to cook them that's not the boring old same-o-same-o. This bounty gave me the opportunity to try new things. It's exciting to eat well, eat healthy, and stay in shape.

I'll report tomorrow or so about the zucchini noodles.

Bon Chance.


  1. Those zucchini noodles look great! I've done zucchini and eggplant lasagna before and love it. I think I had enough portions that it took me a month to eat it all.

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