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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bacon-infused Gastropub in Tucson - The Parish

Yvonne and I made our bi-monthly trek to Tucson yesterday to support their economy. We had about five stores to go to and usually plan on going to a different restaurant each trip, time permitting. I'd done a little research and found a little out of the way gastropub on Oracle called The Parish. What jumped out at me was the lamb chorizo flatbread. Then I saw the bacon popcorn, the goat cheese rellino and a dozen other dishes I'd eat in a second.

So about one in the afternoon, after going to three of the stores, Yvonne and I drag-assed to The Parish. First of all, it was smaller than I thought it would be. Still, we'd missed the lunch rush, so we easily found a table. I ordered a Gordon Brothers Chardonnay (buttery), and the waitress, who'd somehow recently lost thirty pounds in a restaurant that has bacon in every other dish, told us about the special. Let me just say that I thought of you, dear reader, when she told me about it. I knew that you'd want me to have it. Hell, I could hear you begging me.
These are the Bacon-shell Tacos
So good, it could be a poem

Goat Cheese Rellino

 The bacon-shell tacos are in the Top 10 Best things I've ever eaten. The red bean puree acted as a flavor balancer between the adobo pork and the bacon. The salsa, queso fresco, and cabbage not only enhanced the taste, but added a three-dimensional texture to the tacos. Seriously. It's three pieces of bacon that make up the taco. You have that many at breakfast. You have got to try this. It literally is a life-changing experience.

Next we had the goat cheese rellino with a balsamic reduction. It was tremendous. Although it tasted rich, it didn't cloy. It was fresh where it could have been dry. Just a fabulous appetizer.

Bacon and Eggs

Then it came time for us to order the main course. Steve, one of the owners came out, and apologized for the fact that they were out of the the Lamb Chorizo Flatbread. He said they'd had a record night the previous evening, and that they'd run out. They'd made new dough this morning, but it needed all day to set. Still, he brought out a cup of the lamb chorizo. After I pried it out of Yvonne's hands, I had a taste. Oh yeah!  I'll be back for that.

So for my main course, I decided something different. I'd have the homemade fries with white truffle aoli and the Bacon and Eggs appetizer, constituted of hollandaise, a fried grit cake, pork belly and a poached egg. The taste really was phenomenal. I loved every bite. I thought the pork belly was a little one note, but then again it's is pork belly and already succulent. I would have liked to see it marinated in something. If it had it would have put the dish over the top, for sure.

Yvonne ordered the oyster po-boy. This was a little disappointing. Although the oysters weren't cooked through, which I don't mind, they had a heavy oyster flavor, which usually is the case when the oysters aren't rinsed before they're cooked. We won't order this again, still, we forgive them the error. With everything else terrific and still more than a dozen items to try on the menu, including bacon-wrapped frog's legs (poor legless frogs), bacon popcorn, Haitain pulled pork, and a blue cheese burger that'll make you wanna slap your momma.

We're going to go back to this place. We thought about not telling my parents, who live in Tucson, because they have a tradition of finding restaurants and not telling us. Seriously, they hide them like children, but we decided to be the adults and take the high road.

You an find them online here.

Their address is: 6453 North Oracle Road  Tucson, AZ 85704, (520) 797-1233

We'll be going back for sure. I highly recommend The Parish. Now get your hunger on and go there!

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