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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Update: Real Hauntings at Haunted Mansion

Stuff is cranking up at the Haunted Mansion. Here's a brief summary of what's happened thusfar:
Me and Dan the first night.

  • EVP of the word Paul (also given to us on spirit box)
  • EVP of the word Gretchen (who interacted with us last time)
  • EVP of the word Help.
  • Scraping of furniture on the floors, where there was no furniture
  • Flashlights turning on and off using verbal commands
  • and most of all, an attack on one of our friends
Here's an excerpt of my blog from what happened to Dan and the attack.

True B Movie Horror and the High Priestess of MoFo

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is all real. It's not fake. It's not a Haunted Manion Writer joke. It happened. Seriously.

So, this morning we talked about what had happened last night. In the clear light of a Marin County day it seemed surreal. I still hadn't come to grips with what I'd witnessed. Straight out of a B horror movie, it was something we'd seen happen to actors over and over. Which might explain why I was a little numb to it when it happened.  Still, when Sephera yelled down the stairs for Rain to come running with the words, "Rain, come quick. There's a poltergeist event happening," I was the second person trampling up the murder stairs.

Running to the far end of the third floor, I approached a room shrouded in darkness. Not just that the light was off, but it was darker than the other dark rooms. Ghost Girl Kristin was in the room standing with her arms akimbo. Clearly even she'd never experienced such a thing.

"It's pulling Dan under the bed and it won't let go," someone yelled.

And as my gazed finally pierced the darkness, I saw Dan, on the floor, half under the bed, his face filled with terror, his hands reaching out for anyone, anything.

(To see the rest, I'm afraid you have to go over to the Haunted Mansion Blog -- Here)

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