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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Bitch-slapped the Universe with my Apocalypse Weird Book


I was asked to play in the Apocalypse Weird Sandbox and dove in head first.

What is Apocalypse Weird, you ask? 

From an article that appeared in The Guardian: "Think of an apocalypse, and Apocalypse Weird has it covered. Zombies? Yes of course. There’ s clearly a little inspiration from The Walking Dead here, but Apocalypse Weird takes things much further. Cannibal hordes, cities sinking beneath the waves, genetic mutants, electric fog, frozen arctic winds and gojira are the backdrop for this shared world, in which some dozen or more established indie authors are each creating a standalone book series."
You can read the full article here.  

The first book in the shared world is Red King, which is still available for free! You can get it here.
“The Red King is something of a literary seed, the first chapter in an innovative collaboration between bestselling indie authors that sees the creation of an entire world for them to play around in. The creators have ambitious plans for this sandbox series and there are a huge number of popular authors involved and already busy writing new episodes in a huge interconnected world. A clever viral marketing campaign has attracted readers like moths to a floodlight with the promise of something big…” ~ Eamon Ambrose, Eamo the Geek Reviews

And then came MY BOOK!
Book 1 of The Red Palm

Once a warning whispered to bad children, the Black Bishop is all too real. With armies of Black Monks to seek out new recruits and a select coterie of self-amputeed nuns, his power is spreading like a plague, both in the real world and in the astral plain.

The great windmills on the plains of Palm Springs are now home to the crucified; I-10 has been shut down and is used as an asphalt strip where 'the staked' live their last joyous hours in a chrysalises of pain; and in Cathedral City cutters try and outdo themselves, slashing and cutting into their skin in epic contests against each other.

The problem is that these people aren't being forced to do these things... they beg to do it… they ache to do it…

And things are only getting worse.

Notice it says Book 1. In this universe, each author will establish his or her area, the players and what's happening. Other authors can come in and write, taking over your piece of the sandbox. They can send you characters anywhere, do anything, be totally crazy. They can cause the troubles in your area to interact with the troubles in another area. There is no limit to the destruction one can do. After all, we're kids throwing sand in the air. How much fun is that.

At the very least get Nick Cole's Red King for free. You're crazy not to. Then pre-order mine. You can read all the books in whatever order you want. There is no order at this point. Or you can just read one. For those fans of mine who are completists, it's perfectly cool to just read my book and move on. The Apocalypse Weird gestapo will leave you alone. I know they will because I arranged it that way. 

If you're interested in getting Red Palm for the introductory price of 99 cents, you can grab it here.

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