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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

American-German-Russian Surf Music!


I have love affair with music. Like most people, different music affects many different ways. Sometimes I'm happy to just go around listing to my MP3 Player, which includes artists like Eminem, Muse, Black-eyed Peas, Tokyo hotel, Life House, will.I.am, and Pink. It's all good. I've even been known to listen to a few Lady GaGa, but I won't admit that in public. I do like Nellie. I'm huge fan of Earth Wind and Fire. I can't figure out why Kanye West is popular. The White Stripes,
Queens of the Stone Age, Guns and Roses, Boy Hits Car and Papa Roach are all awesome Papa roach. I dig Rihanna. But it seems to me that I get these phases where I listen to all the songs over and over and over again incessantly. I get to the point where I'll listen and I really want to be able to just get in the groove, as if the music puts me in some type of beta wave state. Which is cool but sometimes I want more.

So I was on Beatpick the other day just check out the music and bumped into a group called The Jancee Pornick Casino (Pravda). I was actually looking for some surf rock music so how these two crazy Russian dudes exiled in Germany were able to come up on a search engine for surf rock was crazy. But before I figured it out, I began listening. The first song was called Pute au Crack which I won't translate, but it is a pretty awesome song. Essentially what The Jancee Pornick Casino (Pravda) is a rock and roll blender full of
surf rock, rockabilly, 60s garage band. They have been compared as Brian Stetzer meets Angus Young. The Jancee Pornik Casino has a certain profanity about them which I absolutely adore. So it isn't any surprise then, that I've been using them to write my latest story, which is titled 20th level chaotic Evil Rogue Seeks Whole Wide World to Conquer and is a profane soulless story about a guy who travels the world trying to take advantage of it.

The story goes:

American guitarplayer Jancee Warnick meets two crazy Russian dudes in his German exile. Together they form one of the strangest and most explosive rock’n roll-bands of our time.

Since 1999 the trio has been living in their tour-van ploughing through Europe on a jagged trail of rock’n roll hardship and blazing success.

Countless gigging in small dives and bigger concert halls (e.g. with DICK DALE, ROYAL CROWN REVUE, RESTLESS, THE KLINGONZ, LES WAMPAS) has gained the band a cultish following.

The PORNICK CASINO dishes up an irresistable (Molotov-) cocktail of SURF MUSIC, ROCKABILLY and 60’S GARAGE yet always being topped off with some vodka-drenched Russian spirit, adrenaline and self-irony.

Jancee’s jack-in-the-box Las-Vegas-on-speed persona tries to crossbreed BRIAN SETZER’s virtuosity with ANGUS YOUNG’s striking force all the while driven by a Sibirian hurricane of Vladimir’s bass balalayka and Stanislav’s drum craze.

If you haven't heard The Jancee Pornick Casino (Pravda), check this out. I think that if you're like me, that you will be very interested. I am absolutely curious to know what other people think. There are a lot of you out there who know a hell of a lot more about music than I do. In fact, I really don't pay as much attention to it as I should. Still, I really want to find out what you all think of this band.

So let me know.
Don't keep me waiting.
Which one is your favorite and why?

Weston Ochse
Tarantula Grotto
Mexican Border

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