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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SEAL Team 666 SMACKS into UK like a Rogue Planet

SEAL Team 666 was released in a new trade paperback-sized volume with a brand new cover in the UK. The first 48 hours found 10 media outlets interviewing me and reviewing the book. I've had books that didn't get that many reviews in 48 weeks. For sure, the book has hit the UK like a rogue planet. I can only hope there are enough people left alive to enjoy it.

Here's the rundown:

SF Signal Interview: We talk SEAL Team 666 and my favorite military novel of all time, Joe R. Haldeman's Forever War.

Curiosity of a Social Misfit Review: Says I raise the quality level in characterization.

Nerd Like You Interview: The nerds fawn over Blood Ocean and I talk about why I chose Humonculi as one of my opening monsters.

Nerd Like You Review: The nerds talk about my 'cinematic action sequences.'

Following the Nerd Review: These nerds call my monster mythology 'brilliant.'

The Examiner Review: Reporter Josef Hernandez hopes this will propel me into the mainstream and also begs Hollywood to come-a-knocking.

Alasdair Stuart's Blog: Critical Review and Analysis: Mr. Stuart provided in-depth literary analysis and calls SEAL Team 666 nuanced, smart and surprising.

Financial Times of London Review: James Lovegrove, acting as reporter instead of crack author, cheers the 'military-grade' ass whooping the monsters get in the book.

Geek Native: The geeks talk me into discussing magic on facebook, Godzilla, and a Vorpal Rifle of wounding. 

Now run out and get you a copy at your favorite UK or US bookstore. Or go to your favorite online bookseller. Come one. Keep me in rice and spam.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Joe Lansdale is my Hero and He Can Write Too

Joe R. Lansdale is my hero and that boy can write too. Some authors can just make words sing. Steinbeck can do it. Bradbury can do it. Haldeman can do it. And proclaimed Mojo Storyteller Lansdale can do it. Damn. Reading his words is like drinking an ice cold beer on a hot summer day after a couple hours of sex with your woman. You sitting on the porch, wind just tickling the hairs on your head enough to remind you that somewhere there's an ocean and your stuck the fuck here, but at least you got the beer and the day to keep your time, as long as some one worse off than you don't come and shove a pistol under your chin and blow you all to hell.

Just read Bullets and Fire, a short story written by Mojo Lansdale hisself.

Here's a quote from it made me laugh and smile and I read it four times.

The ones coming had weapons, all hand guns, and when they opened up the world went crazy and my ears went deaf and began to ring. And I don’t remember it all, but the bullets cut all around me and one went through my left arm and it hurt like hell, and the next thing I know it’s hanging at my side, and I got the Ak-47 lifted, pushed up against my hip, and I’m rockin’ and rollin’ and bodies are jumping. I’m having a better day than they are. Probably because they couldn't hit an elephant in the ass at ten paces with a tossed bar stool, even spraying. I’m like the luckiest motherfucker that ever squatted to shit over a pair of shoes, cause except for that one hit, I’m doing good. It’s like I was fucking charmed. 

Just keep the words coming, Mojo Joe!

This shit makes me want to write!

Friday, March 1, 2013

SEAL Team 666 Haiku

El Jeffe of Outrageistan dot com tweeted a Haiku review of SEAL Team 666.

SEALS fight the undead
Stephen Hunter meets Buffy
and dog eats demons

A Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry characterized by a 5-7-5 syllable structure.

Here was my reply to the review:

Nice SEAL Haiku
It pleased me to no end
their little dog too

For the record, this is the first SEAL Team 666 Haiku.  

Thanks El Jeffe.

Now for the rest of you blokes. Do you have a Haiku in you?

Have Haiku in you?
Send SEAL Team 666 verse
to me for award

I haven't figured out what the award will be, but I'll think of something. Post them in the comments section of this posting along with whatever attribution you want. I'll keep this alive for about a week, then make a decision.

Now, get to it.