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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 8

Day 8. Trout. Ketoing Blind. Everything Butter. And Wesley Chu.

The day started out great. Had to get ready for work and drop some info into my online college classroom and was able to do that before I left. 
Today's menu:

Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Mid Morning: None.
Lunch: Me: 12 oz of Lono Life Thai Curry Bone Broth
Yvonne: Something Fucking Glorious
Afternoon: 2 oz Colby Jack Cheese
Dinner: Baby Carrots with Butter, Brussels Spouts and Butter, and Idaho Trout Sauteed in Butter

Ordered some Swerve Sweetener, Zero Carb Bread, Psyllum Husk Powder, Almond Flour, and Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops.

More people commented on the hominy I had the other night, including friend and fellow author Wesley Chu (Buy his new book please). Here's how our conversation on FB went.

Wesley Chu: Hmm... are those legumes?Oh Hominy...psst, those are very high in carbs.

(This is where I try and get funny)
Weston Ochse: yep. 24 carbs divided by 6 people. Whaaaat? That's 4 carbs. OMG. And with net carbs we're down to 1 per person. Oh, shit I'ma gonna die. :)

(Wes doesn't think it's funny)
Wesley Chu: Weston Ochse what's your macros at?

(Now, I'm confused. What the what?)
Weston Ochse: Wesley Chu uhhh. Uhhh. Now you got me.

(Outraged Biblically)
Wesley Chu: Weston, are you ketoing blind? Get thee carb manager app and get your macros!

(Jumps in as a shill for the premium version of the Conometer app) 
John Hornor Jacobs: The app Cronometer we talked about Weston has that built in

(Hates math)
Weston Ochse: That's a lot of math.

(Wise Man Speaks) 
Wesley Chu Your macros are pretty important metrics to track. For example, i'm on a 16g carb limit, 71g protein, and 140g fat. Usually okay to go over on fat. When I do carb cheat, I'll rarely blow past 20.

Weston Ochse: Good to know. I just looked up how to figure them out. I'll do that.

Weston Ochse: Wesley Chu Okay. looks like they are 25 g carbs, 113g protein, and 189g fat. Those numbers are all higher than yours. Not sure that's good. But then you are in super model-athlete-ninja shape.

Lessons I learned today. 
  • Dude, you need to drink hella more water.
  • Dude, you need to drink hella more water.
  • Dude, don't Keto blind.
  • Dude, carrots should not be eaten because they are hella carbs.
  • Dude, Buy Wes Chu's Book.
  • Dude, Buy John Hornor Jacobs' Book.
  • And finally, Dude, you need to drink hella more water. 

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -5

Yvonne: -5 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 7

Day 7. Bacon. Keto Flu. Bloatitorium. Dehydration. Puking.

The day started out great. We got up about 7 AM. In retrospect, we should have gotten up earlier and walked. I'll explain later. Then I cooked a pound of bacon. We each had five glorious pieces. We saved the bacon grease and the rest of the bacon, except the one piece we gave to the dogs. Yes. One piece. And they looked pissed. I could almost see them saying, 'No one has leftover bacon, dad.'

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Bacon-Bacon-Bacon-Bacon-Bacon
Mid Morning: None.
Lunch: Me: 2 1/3rd pound cheddar bacon burgers with tomato, onion in a lettuce wrap and a scosh of ketchup.
Yvonne: 1 1/3rd pound of cheddar bacon burger with tomato, onion in a lettuce wrap and a scosh of curry ketchup
Afternoon: Nothing
Dinner: Me: Three egg and havarti omelet
Yvonne: Leftovers from the Bottom round and mushrooms.

By 9 AM I was feeling like I'd just been rolled by a marching band and left in a ditch. I lost all of my energy. Totally gone and flatlined. I stayed on the couch until 11, when Yvonne had me run an errand with her. That sort of perked me up. I was able to get some writing done. Then I made lunch. I should NOT have had two burgers. The problem was that it was so messy that I ate it fast. We really didn't have the right kind of lettuce to make a wrap. We needed butter lettuce and we had romaine. Because I did eat it so fast, my stomach didn't register that I was full so I ate the other one and welcomed myself to the Bloatatorium. 

Using a pick axe and rope, I managed to climb my way back upstairs, where I did more work on my novel in progress. A few folks commented about my use of hominy the previous day on Facebook and I had to explain to them about math. It was all good. 

Mid-afternoon, Yvonne wanted to go for a walk. Sure. I strapped on my Suunto watch to keep track of distance, and HR, and V02 Max and other shit I don't know about. Then we hiked two miles and a half. Now, all day I'd probably had two glasses of ice tea and three or four sips of water. I read somewhere that on the Keto diet you really should drink 100 oz of water. Well, I didn't even have a fourth that much and got my HR up to 152 during part of the walk.

This was me in my new hat
What happened? I came home and started puking up pieces of cheddar bacon burgers with tomato, onion in a lettuce wrap and a scosh of ketchup. I felt like I was three hours in at a Frat Party. I was overheated. Whenever I drank water it would come right up. It took me about an hour to get right, during which I got to watch my football team go 0-4 and their second best linebacker get lost for the season. Oh joy.

Lessons I learned today. 
  • Dude, you need to drink hella more water.
  • Dude, you need to drink hella more water.
  • Dude, give your damn dogs more than one piece of bacon.
  • Dude, people don't have leftover bacon.
  • Dude, eat slower so you know you are full.
  • Dude, electrolytes are a thing.
  • And finally, Dude, you need to drink hella more water. 

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -5

Yvonne: -5 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 6

Day 6.

I felt great again today. Got up and walked 2 miles. Then I had to get some food into the oven. The plan was to have a big lunch. My parents were coming down from Tucson.

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Nothing really
Mid Morning: None.
Lunch: Indian spiced lamb shanks with artichokes and hominy.
Afternoon: Nothing
Dinner: Steaks and salad

The lunch was a huge and involved meal. I'll give the recipe if anyone wants it. It really held us over for the remainder of the day. I know people said that the hominy has a lot of carbs, but if it's divided by 4 people and we still have leftovers, then it's less than 6 carbs per person. And remember, I'm not going for zero carbs. I trying for 20 - 50 carbs max.

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -4

Yvonne: -4 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 5

Day 5.

Felt absolutely great today. Got up at 6 AM. Walked 1.1 miles. Not a lot, but it’s something.

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with butter and heavy cream. So good. Two sausage patties each.
Mid Morning: 2 oz cheddar cheese
Lunch: Chipoltle
Me: Chicken Keto Bowl with Green Salsa
Yvonne: Steak Keto Bowl with Green Sals
Afternoon: Nothing
Dinner: Bottom Round Steak in Mushroom Gravy with Brussel Sprouts

Dinner was an interesting proposition. We had this 2 pound bottom round steak in our upright freezer for two years. I found a recipe and used the instapot. Essentially, I cut the round steak into bite size pieces and then cooked it with onions, mushrooms, and cream of mushroom soup mix for 1.2 hours in the instapot. And guess what? It came out soupy. So, I microwaved the brussel sprouts and put them in the mix, added some arrowroot to make the soup into a gravy, and we ate it like a gravy boat of beef and brussel spouts. Of course, had we not been on the Keto Diet, we would have probably used some sort of pasta to carry the gravy, but we didn’t. And good on us.
Also, for lunch, it was interesting that all I had to tell the guy at Chiplotle was we were having Keto Bowls. He knew exactly what the hack was. It's not on their menu. It's just a bowl without the beans or the chips. We were only able to eat half. It was damn good, but surprisingly expensive. 

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -3
Yvonne: -3 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 4

Day 4.

I'm back in the saddle again. Woke up to a better back.

Today's menu:
Breakfast: Skipped (oops)
Mid Morning: 2 oz cheddar cheese
Lunch: Me. Leftover chicken from Day 1.
Yvonne. Mortadella Salad
Afternoon: Nothing
Dinner: Adobo lime rubbed grilled salmon with zucchini noodles and an avocado.

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -2
Yvonne: -3 

Our Keto Reset - Day 3

Day 3.

The remnants of Hurricane Lorena are still hanging around. The arthritis in my lower back was screaming today. No work. Little writing. Just pain.

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with tarragon, onions, garlic, and truffle salt. Didn’t taste like eggs. Yvonne didn’t like it. I need to make it up to her for lunch
Mid Morning: 2 oz cheddar cheese
Lunch: Applebees
Me: 8 oz steak and garlicky green beans
Yvonne: Quesadilla Burger without the Quesadilla and garlicky green beans 
Afternoon: Nothing
Dinner: 2 mozzarella stuffed sausages and leftover garlicky green beans

Today was tough. I spent most of it on the couch. I have arthritis in my lowest back and sometimes the weather whispers nasty rumors of pain to it.

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -2
Yvonne: -2 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 2

Day 2.

We would have gotten up and walked, but the remnants of Hurricane Lorena hit us at midnight and we're spent the day in the middle of a day long thunderstorm.

Today's menu:

Breakfast:1 1/2 sausage patties with a slice of fig and melted cheddar cheese
Mid Morning: 2 oz cheddar cheese
Lunch: Me: 1 Inside Out Sandwich (mortadella, Genoa salami, ham, Munster cheese, banana pepper, roasted red pepper, mayo, and lettuce. Yvonne: Dirty Leftover Chicken 
Afternoon: 2 oz Cashews
Dinner: 1.5 Stuffed Peppers Each

Yvonne spent most of the day in Tucson at an art class. I spent most of the day at work. When I came home, I made the stuffed peppers from a recipe using cauliflower rice, so I had to make that first. I think the stuffed peppers came out great. Super tasty and filling. We have enough left over for another meal.

Total Weight Loss:
Weston: -2
Yvonne: -2 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 1

Day 1.

Nothing spectacular happened yesterday, but then this was just the first day. We didn't have any urges, probably because of the eating debauchery we had last weekend.

We got up and walked a mile before I went to work.

Today's menu:

Two Hard Boiled Eggs
2 oz Cheddar Cheese
Mid Morning: 
2 oz Cashews
2 Inside Out Sandwiches (mortadella, Genoa salami, ham, Munster cheese, banana pepper, roasted red pepper, mayo, and lettuce)
2 oz Colby Jack Cheese
Rotisserie Chicken
As you can see, nothing fancy. We don't have the cookbooks we ordered yet, so we're playing it safe.

Of note, I only ate half my breakfast and half of my lunch. I'm not used to eating in the mornings, but 5 smaller meals a day is better than two large ones so.We split the chicken down the middle for dinner and still had enough left over for each of us for tomorrow's lunch.

The only time I was ever challenged was when I went to a matinee at the movie theater. There's literally nothing there I can eat or drink. I bought a water and it cost $4. Now, that's a crime.

We both recorded our starting weights. We will not share what they were, but we will share ho much we lose or gain day to day.

Weston: 0
Yvonne: 0

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day Zero

In this era of save games and respawning, one wonders why we can't do it in real life. Why can't I respawn while my friends stand over my body to keep others from stealing my loot? Why can't I just save game when I'm thin and healthy, indulge for a while, then return to the save? One thing we know for sure is that those options don't exist in reality.

One way I've been able to get healthy is by deploying. Sure, I've seen people return fatter from a tour in Afghanistan, but that takes effort. What with no alcohol and the opportunity to workout every day, one can't help but become more healthy. Well, I don't really want to deploy again anytime soon. My PTSD is finally under control thanks to a happy pill and the world's best therapist, so that option is out.

What about the South Beach Diet, you ask?

Or why not do the grapefruit fast all the Hollywood movie stars do to get in shape for their movies? Pro tip. Don't believe for a second they drink grapefruit juice and then poof! they're suddenly hard bodies. They have dietitians and private trainers who work them like dogs. Since I can't afford either of those that option is out to me as well.

What we have seen is that we've had a lot of friends do Keto and succeed. They make the lifestyle change. They dedicate themselves and are healthier for it. So, Yvonne and I thought we'd like to do the same. She has some pounds that are so dedicated to staying with her, she can't even bribe them to go away. And between my stress, an injury, and some depression, I've gained too much weight to be healthy. So we're going to try Keto for health and body image.

But we're only going to try it for 60 days (at least that's the goal).

We want to use Keto and accompanying Ketosis to cleanse our body of the results of way too much refined sugar, grains, and other bad things. Then, at the end of 60 days, we'll look at how we want to proceed and move in that direction.

At this point on Day Zero we don't really want pizzas, pasta, and bread to disappear from our life. The idea is after 60 days, find a way to moderate the intake of those horrible but delectable foods, while keeping the best of Keto around.

I can see the purists looking askance at us. They have every right to. Everyone has to choose their own paths and this is ours. Is it the right one? We hope it is but we're not sure. Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes and that Disney is going to mess up the Star Wars franchise. But at least we'll try.

What we're going to do is make daily posts. Yvonne and I are both influencers and taste makers and we have a lot of people who look to us for advice. I can tell you this, we're going to eat well. We're going to try some great Keto recipes. If this journey is going to be hard, we might as well eat well on the way.

So here we go.

Day Zero.

Keto Reset Day 1 starts tomorrow.

Wish us luck.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Lush and Seething Hell by John Hornor Jacobs

I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of this book witch contains a small novel and a rich novella. I was eager to read it and justifiably so. Here's my blurb for the book.

"John Horner Jacobs' fiction has always been subversively stylistic. He wields his lean muscular prose with an ease that has been gifted. Where his earlier fiction impresses with its reach, The Sea Dreams It Is The Sky explodes with cosmic understatement and it is the words between words where he succeeds the most. Reminiscent of the best of Jorge Luis Borges and Roberto Balano, Jacobs doubles-down with his own mythology and shares with us a world of hidden brigades, secret associations, and a lushness of spirit that carries our inquisitive main character far beyond the shores of safe belief. Then he gifts us with My Heart Struck Sorrow, a southern gothic musical haunting that becomes an almanac of the human spirit. His characters in each story are in search of something they don't know, but in the end find something they aren't sure of. I'd say this is Jacobs' best, but I know it's not true as long as he continues writing. As much as I am in love with what he has written, its what's yet to come that has me waiting and breathless." - Weston Ochse, Best-selling author of SEAL Team 666 and Burning Sky

The book is available to the public on October 8th. I encourage you to pre-order it from your favorite bookstore. Try Mysterious Galaxy or search for it on IndiBound (your link to independent booksellers).

Friday, April 19, 2019

New Author Alert - James E. Mack

There's an author who needs some love. Cards on the table. I know the guy. He's written two books. Both take place in Scotland. Both are thrillers, but not necessarily military. Here's the thing. I love Scotland. If you've been then you know the deal. If you haven't this is a great chance to learn about the wonderful country.

The author is James Mack. I know a metric ton of information about him so let me share what he says about himself on his Amazon page so I don't speak out of turn.
James E Mack was born in Scotland but spent much of his childhood abroad, gaining a love of nature, the outdoors and wildlife. He became a Commando in the late 1980s and a member of a Special Operations unit, with a 22-year career serving in many of the world's troubled hot spots.
James is the real deal.

His first book is Only the Dead.
In the chaos of conflict, Sergeant Finn Douglas, a veteran Royal Marine Commando, is forced to commit a terrible act to save the lives of his men. Haunted by his actions and devastated by the loss of his family to a terrorist attack, he turns his back on war and killing and escapes to a wilderness off the coast of Scotland.
As a team of Military Police are dispatched to track Finn down and bring him to justice, it provides one of the men with the opportunity to redress an old grudge against the Marines.
And he will stop at nothing to see this through.
When a gang of violent wildlife-poachers shatter his sanctuary, Finn has no choice but to intervene in order to save the lives of the people and animals that he has come to admire. But his actions soon provide the Military Police with a lead, and incur the wrath of the poachers' psychotic leader.
In the mid-winter, mountain wilderness, the manhunt becomes a race against time between the forces of law and order and a vicious murderer determined to take his revenge.
A novel similar to Only the Dead is Bearskin which takes place in Appalachia.

His second book is Fear the Dark

Police Constable Tess Cameron loves her job in the coastal village of St Cyrus. With her Sergeant due for retirement, Tess has her sights set on making detective. Life is good. 
When she arrests a violent stranger who refuses to reveal his identity, Tess suspects that all is not as it seems. Digging further into the background of the mysterious stranger, she finds that he is a disgraced former Special Forces soldier with a chequered past.
When the worst storm of winter hits the village and communications and electricity are cut, the severe weather is blamed. Tess however, feels that something more sinister may be responsible for their isolation.
Because the stranger has friends.
This has the feeling of a rural Attack on Precinct 13. I've been to the setting and James nailed it.

So there you have it. Two great books. Please give them a try.

Friday, January 25, 2019

I'm Coming to Patreon - Will You Join Me?

The big news for 2019 is I'm going to create a Patreon page. It's going to launch Feb 1. I was down on this for a long time, but that's before I realized what Patreon was there for. I thought a Patreon was for me, but I was totally wrong. Patreon is there for you. It's so that you can interact with some of your favorite creators, get personal with them, and receive great rewards for your Patreonage.

This is a preview of my Patreon About You page. Please take a look at it and note that my first ten Patreons will receive a SEAL Team 666 Team Black patch and a special note from me. Also note the rewards I'm going to be providing to my Patreons.

Hi! I'm Weston Ochse (pronounced oaks). Welcome to my Patreon page.

But wait, Who is this Weston Ochse?

Good question.

As of this writing, I’ve had 30 professionally published books. My work has appeared in DC and IDW comics. I’ve had nonfiction in Soldier of Fortune magazine. My work has received movie interest, once from Wesley Snipes, and currently from Dwayne Johnson. With over 120 professionally published works of short fiction, I’ve written my own original works, as well as worked in the universes of Predator, Hellboy, X-Files, Aliens, and Clive Barker’s Midian. I was one of the original writers of V-Wars which inspired the TV show soon to come from Netflix. I also write poetry and have been published in both peered and non-peered literary journals.

I'm also a tastemaker. I turn you onto things you never knew you wanted turned on to. I find things that are new and cool and unusual and share them so you can try new and cool and unusual things.

I'm a born story teller. My ancestors traveled the now British Isles, telling stories, singing songs, delivering poetry, and performing for those who would provide patronage. Fast forward to the 21st Century, we still have bards, but the venue has completely changed. No longer are we performing in dusty castles with questionable food and wine. We perform at small venues or from the comfort of our own homes. I am a modern bard (you don’t want me to sing) and have been patronless for too long. I seek patrons to inspire me, to make me want to work for them, to be a part of my creative process. I’m seeking you.

Why call this Living Dangerously? Many of you also know I have a military background, including two recent tours to Afghanistan. I’ve been to 57 countries, travel extensively for my writing, and often find myself in unusual places. When I’m not writing, I like hiking, fly fishing, cooking, and reading. I prefer single malt Speyside Scotch whiskeys, California Chardonnay, and seafood. I used to be good at martial arts before I got old, but I’m still one of the first to run into any fight to protect my people. I live the life of a Chaotic Good Paladin. It’s just who I am. I’d rather live dangerously than live safely--live boringly. Wouldn’t you? Do you want to live dangerously with me?

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I want you to be my Patreon. I want to write and perform for you. Here are some of the things I will be working on, and according to which Tier you choose, you will have exclusive access to these things:

  • Short Stories I want to write for you. Each month, I will give you some topics and take your input and write a short story based on what you’ve asked for. I mean, who does that?
  • I will also write the occasional exclusive essay and post pictures of what I am doing from day-to-day. You can share as well. In fact, we will live dangerously together.
  • A book of poetry about my time in Afghanistan. I thought that I might want to write a story or an essay, but neither those would capture the essence of what I want to relate. I think only through the lens of verse can I best explain how it feels to be in such a place. This will be exclusive to you until it’s formally published.
  • Novellas about the continuing adventures of Special Unit 77. They’ve already had two adventures, and I will provide those to you over a period of time. Then I will begin working on the next one, then the next, then the next. Fans of SEAL Team 666 will love Special Unit 77. Set in late 1960s San Francisco, Special Unit 77 protects the West Coast of America from supernatural attack by foreign powers. This will be exclusive to you until it’s formally published.
  • A serialized novel called The Lost City of Hateful Things. I started it and set it aside, but I want to finish it. Only by having patrons can this happen. This will make you a true patron because I will be finishing it for you. What’s it about? A group of five injured soldiers in the Walter Reed Army Hospital Wounded Warrior Clinic are bored out of their minds. At the urging of one of their group, they decide to take a busman’s holiday to find the lost city of Uqbar, mentioned in fiction and non-fiction for hundreds of years. The city is also the centerpiece of Argentinian author Jorge Louis Borges’ short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.They will find the city and it will be terrible, because they will discover why it is also known as the City of Hateful Things. This will be exclusive to you until it’s formally published.
  • And more. I will frequently give you surprises. Random acts of creativity for your patronage.

What is exclusivity? It’s just as it sounds. I write these for you. Some of these will be published once everything is finished. For the poetry, novel and the novella, I will make some poems and the first few chapters of each available to the general public only so they know what they are missing. But for the rest of it, it’s all exclusive. This is what you are paying for and this is what you get.

I’ll also get personal and you can get personal back. I’ve been a patron of Fucking Amanda Palmer for a while and she gets personal. Will I get that personal? Will I show you my tits? I could but it would be disappointing. So I might not get as personal as she does, but I will spill my guts on occasion and ask your for advice.

Here’s something I read recently from someone wondering about how we think about our patrons and it stuck with me.

“It was frightening to be so personal with strangers, and others warned me against it. But these were the people who had urged us to be entirely true to ourselves. And I think perhaps some part of me wanted to test the limits of this newfound support for authenticity. Was it limited to the book project? Or did it extend to us as individuals? Each time I’d write something intimate, I’d cringe as I hit the “post update” button. Each time I’d expect someone to accuse me of “oversharing” or being “unprofessional.” But the result of my openness was not the rejection or criticism, I expected. The result was kindness, warmth, trust, and empathy. And something beautiful was happening for backers who chose emotional investment. They, like me, began to sense connection and meaning that transcended the book. Long before we delivered anything, several backers who had supported hundreds of campaigns said that ours was their favorite."  -Wendy Ice, Courtesy of Amanda Palmer

This is what I am looking for.

I want a connection.

I want to connect with you.

So, thank you for being my patron.

I’m excited to create with you.

I’m excited to create for you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Oh Snap - Looks Like I Have A Shared Universe

I've been doing this subconsciously for longer than I have been doing it consciously. After thirty books, including hardback novellas and short story collections, as well as more than 140 published short stories, I'm realizing that many of them live in the same universe and am beginning to impose an intentionality to them.

Books like Grunt Life, Grunt Traitor and Grunt Hero, clearly can't be part of the shared universe because I basically fuck up the planet until there's only a few of us left.

Similarly, I can't include Empire of Salt (Zombies) or the Vampire Outlaw books (SF). But there are a lot I can include.

What made me do this?

It really struck me last year when I was planning to write Dead Sky, which I just turned in last week to Solaris Boos. I knew I was going to have astral projection (Spoiler) in the book, so I hearkened all the way back to my first novel, Scarecrow Gods, which also included astral projection. By having the same astral rules, I made them shared universe.

I'm also referencing characters, ideas, and units from other books. I've yet to have a character cross over, but I'm planning that now. A little late after 30 books, I know, but better late than never.

Well, I do have a Special Unit 77 appearing in Dead Sky, so maybe that's a crossover.

Then I saw a Patreon only post (I think--or was it a newsletter--cant find it--maybe a FB post, oh well) from Brian Keene that listed all the books and stories in his universe. Knowing how much Brian puts out (lol), it was an impressive list. So I figured I'd better up my game and do the same so my fans can get what they want. My list isn't going to be complete for awhile, because I'm in the seemingly forever process of recording all of my short stories and novellas into a data base, but I have to start somewhere.

I'm not sure what to call it but for now I'll use the mega lame name of The Shared Universe of Weston Ochse.

Here they are so far:

  • Scarecrow Gods
  • Recalled to Life
  • The Golden Thread
  • SEAL Team 666
  • ST666: Age of Blood
  • ST666: Reign of Evil
  • Burning Sky
  • Dead Sky
  • Cold War Gothic (Special Unit 77)
  • The Bohemian Grove(Special Unit 77)

Novels in Progress:
  • Oberon
  • The Red Unicorn
  • The Devils Swing
  • The Murder King
  • Free Riders 
  • Bone Chase
 Well, that's it so far. I'm open for some input. What does everyone think? Did I miss anything?