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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where Weston Makes Hooch

So I made my own hooch.

I know. Some of you aren't surprised. After all, what redneck can't make a little moonshine?

But I've since left my days of redneckery (redneckedness?) behind. I'm no longer that mountain boy fresh out of the forest doing the by-golly-Jesus at the world. I've been places. I've done things. And ever since my wife and I went to Naples, we've had a love for lemoncello.

Me in Italy circa 2008
But those of you who were thinking moonshine aren't far off. See, lemoncello to the Eye-talians is hooch. Every mom and pop store, every family, every restaurant makes their own. Some is sweet enough to crack your teeth. Some is strong enough to put you on your ass. No two places make it the same.

Well, I've been wanting to make this for some time now.

We recently had a killer Eye-talian restaurant open in Sierra Vista called Cafe Mimosa. They are the real Neopolitan deal. Vickie and Wendall Gilbert have just a terrific thing going. They also make their on hooch. So I asked for the recipe. Now, Vickie treats that thing like it's part of the crown jewels, and holds it closer than Colonel Sanders does his fifteen herbs and spices. But you see, Vickie has a penchant for zombies. She likes to read horror. So picture me laughing as I asked for the recipe.

And I got it.

And you know what? It's pathetically simple. I just substituted 100 proof vodka for the base instead of everclear-- that's too strong for this little man.


20-30 Lemons, zested only. No pulp, juice or plith
4 cups simple syrup
1.5 liters of 100 proof vodka

Put in container, cover and steep for ten days.  And this is what you get.

I used to make Meade in this bad boy

I couldn't find any cheese clothe, so I got a strainer with
holes so small, I couldn't drag a gnats ass through one

I triple filtered it to get out all the goo.

Then using a ladle (after I spilled), I began filling what I could.

And this is the result. See that golden color of liquid sunshine?

One glass for me.


And because I'm rolling in the lemoncello right now, I think I'll make a lemoncello buerre blanc for my salmon this evening.




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