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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

42 Days of 666 - Day 6 with Drew Williams

For the next 42 days we're going to be counting down to the release of SEAL Team 666. Why 42? Because it's the answer to the universal question.

Today we have Drew Williams, scholar, juicer, scientist of the fop, and author. I've known Drew since 2002 and am pleased that we met. We've bounced the Gross Out Contest, we've shook our fists at the sun, we've argued the finer points of literature, and we've eaten scrapple together. I once compared him to Leon Battista Alberti, for being a polymath excelling at many things. Drew is the sort of friend whom I don't see often enough, but when I do, it's almost as if no time has passed.

Here are his questions and answers:

1. What’s your favorite military movie, book or television show?
GETTYSBURG-1993 starring Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels and Martin Sheen. Based on the novel by Michael Sharra(spelling?)

2. Why is it your favorite? Here’s where you can ramble a bit.


Masked Gross Out Contest Bouncers: Drew in forefront
For me this is a perfect military film on several different levels.. First and foremost it is  gripping movie, full of compelling characters and exciting action. The battle sequences are some of the most intense and realistic ever filmed. But unlike a standard "battlefield movie", Gettysburg does a remarkable job of treating the subject matter with respect and historical verisimilitude. It does not take sides, but rather portrays the armies of the North and the South with equal attention, demonstrating a balanced perspective of the dignity of the men as well as the mundane. Taken from the letters and diaries of many of the men who fought there, the dialogue is poignant and reveals a rare insight to the thoughts and concerns of those who actually was there. From an historical perspective, it is as close as being period authentic as possible- no confederate generals sporting mullets or cavalry officers firing 13 shots from a pistol. I love this movie because it offers up a realistic glimpse of, arguably, the most important single battle in our nation's history, and glorifies the men who fought in it without glorifying the war they fought in.

3. What themes are overused? And is it overused, or just truthful observation?


I'm not sure if there are any overused tropes or devices in military films and books. Like any genre, there are certain elements that have to be in there. But what I would like to see are fewer films that turn the soldier into a comic book action hero ala Rambo, and Delta Force, and The Marine films, and more films that turn a more critical and/or satirical eye toward war and combat. Growing up in the 70's I had first run exposure to such films as The Deer Hunter (which I saw portions of it filmed in Clairton PA), M*A*S*H (the movie), Coming Home, and a forgotten classic, The Boys in Company C. I'd like to see more films like these and The Hurt Locker and Brothers then stuff like Act of Valor and Behind Enemy Lines.

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Thanks, Drew!

On Drew's request, please go over to Nothing but Nets to see if there's anything you want to do. From volunteering in Africa to fighting for U.S. Veterans, it's a gateway that explains how to help..

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