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Monday, July 7, 2014

Three Free Book Giveaways by My Publishers

I'm a struggling writer who spends too much money on other people's books and trying to live the good life, I totally know how hard it is to want something and not have the cash for it. So when I the chance comes to offer something free to my fans and friends, I am elated. Three of my books are being given away on Goodreads over the next few weeks. You have a better chance of winning one of these than winning the lottery, not getting hit while dodging traffic, not getting cut when running with scissors, and definitely not being lip-sliced while eating a bowl of granola-flavored razor blades. And you can quote me on that.


Sprawling Haunted House Novel featuring:

 Elvis, Mexican Mafia, WWII Curses,
Hollywood Porn, L.A. Gangs, and Horror

The Halfway House…a place shrouded in mystery…standing shunned and ignored…yet seeming to devour the souls of everyone who dies in San Pedro.
Bobby Dupree…an epileptic loner from a Memphis orphanage who is on a journey to find out if he truly is…the Halfway House…
son of the King of Rock and Roll. When Bobby’s quest becomes entwined with an old surf bum and his estranged daughter, the 8th Street Angels, and a dicey porn director, he discovers that Los Angeles holds more opportunities and dangers than he could have imagined. Discovering he’s at ground zero to a seventy-year-old spiritual curse, all the chaotic events in Bobby’s life begin to circle back to the inscrutable force of the 

For a chance at winning a free copy go to this LINK. There are ten copies available. This book is also available in a signed and numbered collectors copy directly from the publisher

GHOST HEART - YA Coming of Age Novel

While Matt Cady's parents are contemplating divorce, Regina Running Deer can't grow up fast enough. Together, along with two dead-biker guardian spirits and an immense German Shepherd, they escape to the Black Hills. Steeped in bloody history, the Black Hills is a shadowy world where creatures, real and unreal, would rather see them dead than alive. Finally the cryptic advice of a witch, a fortune teller and a troll, plus the ghosts of Wild Bill Hickok leads them to find the very thing they didn't know they were looking for. And to get it, the must enter the Badlands...and survive. 

For a chance at winning a free copy go to this LINK. There are three copies available. This book will also be available in a highly collectible lettered edition available directly from the publisher.

SNAFU - Military Horror Anthology

A military horror anthology featuring a hot mess of awesome authors.

When the going gets tough, the tough fight to the death in SNAFU.
(SNAFU – military slang for ‘Situation Normal – All F*cked Up)

Some contributors:
- James A Moore (A Jonathan Crowley story)
- Greig Beck (A new novella – see synopsis below)
- Weston Ochse (Author of Seal Team 666)
- Jonathan Maberry (A Joe Ledger tale)
- Joseph Nassise (A Templar novella)

My story is titled Cold War Gothic and takes place in 1960s San Francisco where America and the Soviets are fighting a supernatural battle with Earth at stake.

For a chance at winning a free copy go to this LINK. There are three copies available. This book will also be available in a highly collectible limited edition available directly from the publisher. 

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