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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day 1

Day 1.

Nothing spectacular happened yesterday, but then this was just the first day. We didn't have any urges, probably because of the eating debauchery we had last weekend.

We got up and walked a mile before I went to work.

Today's menu:

Two Hard Boiled Eggs
2 oz Cheddar Cheese
Mid Morning: 
2 oz Cashews
2 Inside Out Sandwiches (mortadella, Genoa salami, ham, Munster cheese, banana pepper, roasted red pepper, mayo, and lettuce)
2 oz Colby Jack Cheese
Rotisserie Chicken
As you can see, nothing fancy. We don't have the cookbooks we ordered yet, so we're playing it safe.

Of note, I only ate half my breakfast and half of my lunch. I'm not used to eating in the mornings, but 5 smaller meals a day is better than two large ones so.We split the chicken down the middle for dinner and still had enough left over for each of us for tomorrow's lunch.

The only time I was ever challenged was when I went to a matinee at the movie theater. There's literally nothing there I can eat or drink. I bought a water and it cost $4. Now, that's a crime.

We both recorded our starting weights. We will not share what they were, but we will share ho much we lose or gain day to day.

Weston: 0
Yvonne: 0