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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Our Keto Reset - Day Zero

In this era of save games and respawning, one wonders why we can't do it in real life. Why can't I respawn while my friends stand over my body to keep others from stealing my loot? Why can't I just save game when I'm thin and healthy, indulge for a while, then return to the save? One thing we know for sure is that those options don't exist in reality.

One way I've been able to get healthy is by deploying. Sure, I've seen people return fatter from a tour in Afghanistan, but that takes effort. What with no alcohol and the opportunity to workout every day, one can't help but become more healthy. Well, I don't really want to deploy again anytime soon. My PTSD is finally under control thanks to a happy pill and the world's best therapist, so that option is out.

What about the South Beach Diet, you ask?

Or why not do the grapefruit fast all the Hollywood movie stars do to get in shape for their movies? Pro tip. Don't believe for a second they drink grapefruit juice and then poof! they're suddenly hard bodies. They have dietitians and private trainers who work them like dogs. Since I can't afford either of those that option is out to me as well.

What we have seen is that we've had a lot of friends do Keto and succeed. They make the lifestyle change. They dedicate themselves and are healthier for it. So, Yvonne and I thought we'd like to do the same. She has some pounds that are so dedicated to staying with her, she can't even bribe them to go away. And between my stress, an injury, and some depression, I've gained too much weight to be healthy. So we're going to try Keto for health and body image.

But we're only going to try it for 60 days (at least that's the goal).

We want to use Keto and accompanying Ketosis to cleanse our body of the results of way too much refined sugar, grains, and other bad things. Then, at the end of 60 days, we'll look at how we want to proceed and move in that direction.

At this point on Day Zero we don't really want pizzas, pasta, and bread to disappear from our life. The idea is after 60 days, find a way to moderate the intake of those horrible but delectable foods, while keeping the best of Keto around.

I can see the purists looking askance at us. They have every right to. Everyone has to choose their own paths and this is ours. Is it the right one? We hope it is but we're not sure. Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes and that Disney is going to mess up the Star Wars franchise. But at least we'll try.

What we're going to do is make daily posts. Yvonne and I are both influencers and taste makers and we have a lot of people who look to us for advice. I can tell you this, we're going to eat well. We're going to try some great Keto recipes. If this journey is going to be hard, we might as well eat well on the way.

So here we go.

Day Zero.

Keto Reset Day 1 starts tomorrow.

Wish us luck.